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Join our Loyalty Club today and start earning fantastic rewards! 

As a valued member of our Welbee's Loyalty Club, you'll enjoy an array of amazing benefits:

• Earn 1 point for every €1 you spend.

• Carrefour Products earn double points for every €1.

• Spend between €50 - €99.99 at any of our supermarket locations and choose between €3 cashback or 400 bonus points in the Loyalty App.

• For every €100 you spend, you have the option of receiving €8 cashback or 1000 bonus points. If you spend €150, you can choose between €11 cashback or 1400 bonus points. Spending €200 gives you the choice of €16 cashback or 2000 bonus points in the Loyalty App. Alternatively, excluding online shopping, you can opt for 18 bottles of water or 5 bottles of soft drinks

• Subsequently the offer is applicable on your shopping with every €100 spent. Hence beyond the €50 and €100 purchase level, the next offer milestone is €200 then €300 etc. 

• Access exclusive personalized offers through our Loyalty App.

• Take advantage of special weekly coupon offers available only to Loyalty Club members on the App.

• Redeem your points for free vouchers at a wide range of third-party retailers, food & beverage outlets, and service providers.


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Download the Welbee’s Loyalty APP today! 

Although we offer a physical Welbee's loyalty card, we highly recommend downloading and utilizing the Welbee's app from the APP store on your smartphone. By doing so, you will not only have access to up-to-date information about your shopping, points, and cashback, but also enjoy real-time weekly offers and significant discounts through our digital coupons.




Download the app from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).   Tap on the orange ‘Sign Up’ button on the welcome screen. Sign up by filling in the details. If you are an existing loyalty card holder, insert the old loyalty card number.   At cashpoint, present the QR code within the app to the cashier. Once scanned you will earn points and benefit from the loyalty app offers.







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